Best States for Sale of CBD Products

The US Farm Bill made CBD much more accessible- it’s now federally legal to buy and use all kinds of CBD products, providing that they’re made from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC. Despite the restrictions, hemp-based CBD products are extremely easy to find and it’s easy for anyone across the United States to buy CBD online. Many states also have dispensaries and even regular stores specifically revolving around CBD. So what are the best states for sale of CBD products?

Although hemp products are now legal in the United States, there are still some states where it might be a little awkward to get your hands on. For instance, there have been instances of users in Texas being punished for using CBD whereas Utah requires users to get a hemp extract registration card. However, there are now many states all across the US which make it easier than ever to buy CBD.

Whether you prefer CBD Tinctures, CBD Edibles or even something more unique like CBD Isolate, you’ll find plenty of products available in these states. It’s also easy to order CBD products online for delivery. Here are some of the best states for buying CBD.


It’s only natural that Colorado is one of the best states for the sale of CBD products. It’s one of the most liberal states for all kinds of cannabis products, with it being the first to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Many adults aged 21 or over simply go to one of the many recreational cannabis stores to pick up medical cannabis products, including CBD Oils and Edibles. However, there are plenty of other ways to get CBD.

Hemp-based CBD products are legal even if you’re under 21 and they’re also incredibly easy to buy. You can find some CBD stores, as well as vape shops which sell CBD-infused oils and e-juices. Plus, with fast delivery everywhere users in Colorado will have no problem getting their hands on CBD.

As well as being one of the states with the highest marijuana sales, Colorado is also right on top of the hemp industry. In fact, in 2017 over half the hemp production in the United States came from Colorado. It makes matters extremely easy for hemp growers and cultivators, resulting in a massive supply of hemp and CBD products.


California is another one of the best states for buying CBD. Much like Colorado, both cannabis and hemp products are very easy to get your hands on here. California actually passed a law to legalize medical cannabis back in 1996, although federal laws made it hard for patients to get their hands on weed for a while. Since then, things have only gotten better. Recreational use became legal in 2016 in California, and California has become by far one of the biggest states for the sale of cannabis products.

Adult users will find it easy to buy marijuana and CBD from a range of stores across the state. Hemp products are also in wide supply. There are many hemp stores and health stores which provide all kinds of users with hemp-derived CBD. Medical cannabis patients also often opt for products such as CBD Oils, Capsules, and Edibles.

If you want to use hemp products, you won’t need a prescription and you don’t need to be a certain age. You can find CBD products in many stores across the state and it’s also easy to buy it online for delivery. California is one of the most open states when it comes to both cannabis and hemp, making CBD very common to use.


Kentucky is one of the worst states for marijuana users- there are still strict laws against recreational use and their medical program only gives medical cannabis products (including marijuana-derived CBD Oils) to patients in pilot studies. However, this seems to make legal CBD products even more appealing to residents in the state.

In Kentucky, you’re able to buy and use hemp-based CBD products legally, and many consumers do so. There are many hemp shops which provide CBD Oil and other products spread out across the state, especially in major cities like Louisville and Lexington. You’ll also be able to find CBD in some health stores and convenience stores, and many consumers commonly buy them.

It’s also one of the biggest states when it comes to hemp production. In fact, Kentucky legalized the production of hemp back in 2013, a year before it became federally legal. With many hemp growers taking advantage of the friendly climate, Kentucky has a huge supply of hemp-based products. Their medical marijuana program is also advancing, and cannabis-based CBD will soon be available to medical patients in the state.


Oregon is another state where both marijuana and hemp-derived CBD products are both in high supply and high demand. Legal cannabis stores are now set up all across the state which offer both marijuana products and CBD products. The state also has a long-running medical cannabis program which supplies patients with all kinds of products including things like CBD Oil and CBD Capsules.

Users need to be 21 or over to access cannabis products, but hemp CBD products are very easy for anyone to buy. You can find these everywhere from general stores to hemp stores and you don’t need a license or a medical card to buy CBD. As such, Oregon is safely one of the best states for the sale of CBD products.

Hemp growing is a big business in Oregon, and the state even has laws which subject hemp products to rigorous testing. That means that you’ll find some of the highest quality CBD products in Oregon.


No matter what kind of CBD products you want, you won’t find it hard to buy them in Nevada. Nevada was one of the first states to legalize the recreational use of cannabis and the state is now full of cannabis stores. Hemp is also a big deal in the state- there’s a huge demand for hemp in Nevada and the state is boosting production to keep up.

If you’re 21 or over, you can stroll right into one of the many recreational dispensaries and find CBD products along with other medical cannabis products. Alternatively, you can find hemp stores across the region which provide CBD products that are legal no matter what your age or medical status.

It’s another one of the best states for CBD products and whether you prefer CBD Tinctures, Topicals, Edibles or any other kind of CBD product, it’s easy to find. You also won’t have any problem having CBD delivered to you.


Indiana still has fairly strict laws on cannabis and their medical marijuana program is still very restricted. Luckily, CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are exempt from these laws and, as such, tons of users across the state turn to CBD as an alternative.

While some illegal marijuana states are still iffy about CBD sales, Indiana actually encourages them and makes sure CBD is safe for consumers. State laws make it so that CBD sellers must show lab results to validate that products are labeled correctly and don’t have higher amounts of THC than they should. That means you’ll be able to get pure and legitimate CBD Oil across the state.

In addition to health stores and smoke shops, you can now find many stores in Indiana focused solely on providing quality CBD products. It’s quickly become one of the best states for buying CBD purely thanks to the booming hemp industry.


Despite the fact that marijuana is still illegal for recreational use in Florida, it’s actually one of the states with the highest cannabis sales purely from its highly successful medical marijuana program. Huge brands like Curaleaf, Trulieve, and FLUENT have dispensaries all over the state and it’s easy for medical patients with debilitating conditions to get their medical card.

While medical patients will find it easy to get cannabis-based CBD products, everyone else can also get hemp-derived CBD products without a medical prescription. CBD products can be found in many stores across Florida and you can also order it online for delivery without any hassle.

Commercial hemp production in Florida is actually delayed until 2020, but CBD products are still in high supply. It’s likely that the availability of CBD products will grow even more post-2020 and Florida will continue to rise up as one of the best states for CBD.


Vermont is a very unrestrictive state when it comes to all kinds of CBD. Marijuana is legal, and dispensaries often sell CBD products along with recreational marijuana products. Vermont also has a successful medical cannabis program which connects many patients with CBD. Of course, hemp-based products are also legal and very easy to find.

Vermont CBD Products Sale

Vermont has loose regulations on hemp cultivation and, as such, it’s a great state for hemp. The hemp industry in the state is growing along with the demand for CBD products. As such, it’s becoming a top state for both marijuana-based and hemp-based CBD.

There are many CBD stores spread out across the state and with a wide variety of dispensaries and recreational stores too, there are plenty of places to buy CBD. If you want to get hemp-based products you don’t need to be a certain age or need a medical card. CBD delivery is also easy and hassle-free.


Oklahoma is surprisingly another one of the best states for the sale of CBD. In fact, according to recent data from Google Trends, users in Oklahoma search for CBD more than any other state except for Vermont.

The state even plays host to one of the major hemp conventions. The Oklahoma Hemp and Cannabis Festival 2019 took place from June 7th – 9th, bringing together state officials and major businesses to celebrate hemp and further education on the industry. The event actually had to reschedule and expand due to high demand.

Cannabis use is still illegal in the state, although medical marijuana became legal last year. However, the state is still a major player when it comes to the sale of hemp products. You can now find many stores across the state which sell CBD Oils, Edibles, Topicals, and all other kinds of CBD products.

New York

Although you still can’t legally use marijuana for recreational purposes in New York, the state does have a solid medical program which provides CBD products for patients. The hemp industry in New York is also growing, especially with new initiatives to financially support hemp growers.

New York first allowed a limited amount of hemp cultivation in 2015. As of 2017, the state made it legal for an unlimited amount of cultivators to grow and produce hemp products. What’s more, the state now offers millions of dollars in grants for hemp businesses, making it an even more lucrative and attractive industry.

With only certain medical users able to get cannabis products, CBD products are particularly popular in New York. There are many hemp stores and vape stores offering legal, hemp-based CBD products to users. Expect this state to continue to grow as one of the best states for CBD.

Buy CBD Online

While these are some of the best states for the sale of CBD products, it’s even easier for consumers across the United States to get CBD when they buy online. JustCBDStore offers a range of high-quality CBD products available for delivery all over the states.

Plenty of different kinds of CBD products are available. CBD Tincture will suit users who want a quick and convenient way to take CBD. You can also use delicious CBD Edibles such as CBD Gummies and CBD Dried Fruit. Vape products like CBD Vape Cartridges and Vape Juices are also available in various great flavors.

All of these products are made with hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC. Lab reports are also provided to confirm the products are correctly labeled. That means that all of these products are federally legal and users all over the country can buy and use them.